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Welcome, I'm your host Mysheka Ross. Thank you for listening to (L.O.S.T) Living off Struggles & Treasures. On my podcast I will be talking about day to day life issues, struggles, lessons learned through life experiences, and successes. You will hear a variety of topics.

The reason my podcast is called LOST because often times than not we associate the word "Lost" as negative. If we look at it in a different perspective, it can be viewed as positive. Have you ever found your way, because you were lost?! I have. My journey is filled with struggles & treasures.

You can order my book "25 Years to Life" online at Barnes & Noble

May 28, 2021

Tasha talks about her new book "Shenomenal Women" that can be purchased on Amazon, experiencing low points in her life and choosing not to give up, being in a unhealthy relationship, being a single mother, owning her truth and holding herself accountable, her passion for helping others, building positive...

May 22, 2021

Kara talks about how she has a passion for helping the youth due to her own life struggles, dealing with depression at certain points in her life as a youth, and as an adult. She shares about learning to believe and accept herself, and how she practice mindfulness to keep her balanced.

May 15, 2021

Preston shares why, he started Zone Fitness 25/8, the importance of exercising, eating healthy, and how it can have a positive impact in your life and self-esteem. 

Instagram: @zonefitness258

May 8, 2021

Ramon shares what his journey has been like with Crohn's Disease, being in the hospital for 47 days during the pandemic without being able to see family, how he used Facebook to help him get through the process, how friends showed a tremendous amount of support, and how his daughter and wife was his motivation...

May 1, 2021

Brigette shares about her passion for working in the community, life, family, how her past job played a role in starting her new business, losing a loved one and how it changed her life, and experiencing depression during the pandemic. Brigette recently started a new business called "Brigette's Beauty Bar". Her...