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Welcome, I'm your host Mysheka Ross. Thank you for listening to (L.O.S.T) Living off Struggles & Treasures. On my podcast I will be talking about day to day life issues, struggles, lessons learned through life experiences, and successes. You will hear a variety of topics.

The reason my podcast is called LOST because often times than not we associate the word "Lost" as negative. If we look at it in a different perspective, it can be viewed as positive. Have you ever found your way, because you were lost?! I have. My journey is filled with struggles & treasures.

You can order my book "25 Years to Life" online at Barnes & Noble

Jun 26, 2021

Regina talks about what made her want to become more apart of the community, career, family, being a mother, being a business owner, her Dreamers, Visionary, and Leaders Project that provide scholarships to students, challenges she's faced, self acceptance, and how courage, faith, honesty, and being truthful with...

Jun 19, 2021

Virginia talks about becoming blind at the age of 18 due to a gun shot wound, raising her three children, going back to school, determination, not giving up,  working with the youth in juvenile halls and youth camps, using her story to motivate at risk youth, family support, and life challenges that she...

Jun 12, 2021

Ana talks about her legal service business, health issues with one of her children, leaving an unhealthy relationship, her relationship with God, being a single mom of six children, providing a good life for her children, and not giving up even when she wanted to.

Business Phone: 760-680-9138

Jun 5, 2021

Modest Jones shares about what led her to starting her business, the loss of her grandfather, continuing to strive for her and her children, loving the skin that she's in, experiences she's had when wearing her hair in an afro, or straight, and the recent project that she was apart of called "My Mane Problem".