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Welcome, I'm your host Mysheka Ross. Thank you for listening to (L.O.S.T) Living off Struggles & Treasures. On my podcast I will be talking about day to day life issues, struggles, lessons learned through life experiences, and successes. You will hear a variety of topics.

The reason my podcast is called LOST because often times than not we associate the word "Lost" as negative. If we look at it in a different perspective, it can be viewed as positive. Have you ever found your way, because you were lost?! I have. My journey is filled with struggles & treasures.

You can order my book "25 Years to Life" online at Barnes & Noble

Sep 20, 2021

JayBee shares about her love for the entertainment industry, discovering her talents, how it all started, how she became active within her community, working with the Mayor (Aja Brown) of Compton California in 2018, creating and hosting the Compton On Mic show, her TEDx Talk called (Celebrating Your Cancer), different events that she has been apart of, family, relationships, friendships, finding out at age 23 that she had cancer, her journey while battling cancer, getting through life challenges, the things that kept her going, wanting more out of life, depression, suicide, mindset, believing in herself, faith, growth, and how God brought her through it.


Instagram- @more2jaybee