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Welcome, I'm your host Mysheka Ross. Thank you for listening to (L.O.S.T) Living off Struggles & Treasures. On my podcast I will be talking about day to day life issues, struggles, lessons learned through life experiences, and successes. You will hear a variety of topics.

The reason my podcast is called LOST because often times than not we associate the word "Lost" as negative. If we look at it in a different perspective, it can be viewed as positive. Have you ever found your way, because you were lost?! I have. My journey is filled with struggles & treasures.

You can order my book "25 Years to Life" online at Barnes & Noble

Mar 27, 2021

Michelle shares about how she loved looking at houses as a child, being raised by a single mother, losing her father, struggles along the way, being in real estate over 15 years, flipping houses, and building a better life for her and her family. 

Facebook: Michelle Rivera-Vasquez

Mar 21, 2021

Unique shares how she changed her eating habits, started practicing yoga, and the positive affect that it had on her life. 

Instagram: @Iam_yogi_nique

Mar 12, 2021

On this episode Greg talks about his book "Beg 4 Mercy" which is available on Amazon. He also shares some life lessons, things that he has gone through, things that are important to him, what helps him maintain a positive mindset, and how he keeps the balance in his life.

Instagram - @milesfelony

Mar 5, 2021

Jackie is a Real Estate Coach, Reiki Practitioner, and she also teaches  about Ayurveda (Health & Wellness). She talks about what her life journey has been like, awareness, the importance of listening to your body, and how her line of work ties in together.

Instagram - @bodyworksreiki_